Root Canals

Your teeth are more complex than you might know. The outer enamel is of course the most apparent and may pose more cosmetic concern, but the inner structure of your teeth also needs to be healthy so that your teeth can look and work great.


Decay or infection can settle inside the root canal of your tooth and destroy it if left alone for too long, putting you at risk for more serious health complications. Root canal damage is often not immediately apparent to patients, but a dental professional like Dr. Goodman can identify the signs using advanced technique and technology.

What Is a Root Canal?

Inside each tooth, there is a hollow area called the root canal. The root canal contains soft pulp that connects to your gums. This connection allows transfer of nourishment directly into the tooth, especially during its development.

Causes for Root Canal Damage

The enamel and dentin surrounding your root canal is usually very resilient. However, bacteria can break though and infect the pulp in the root canal for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Inadequate at-home oral hygiene habits that allow bacteria and plaque to build up and sit on the teeth for too long.
  • Ignoring cavities for too long, so they continue to get larger and expose the root canal to bacteria.
  • Cracked or broken teeth that are not treated right away.
  • Gum disease and infection that are not treated right away.

You may not experience any pain in the beginning stages of root canal damage and infection, but regular dental examinations can detect any problems before you begin experiencing pain and thus allow for minimal dental repair.

Dr. Tryon can examine your root canals and recommend treatment if he finds any problems.

Our Root Canal Treatment

Many patients experience dread and anxiety when they are told they need root canal treatment, often referred to as just a root canal. In actuality, a root canal is a very routine and easy procedure that can be finished quickly and painlessly.

We offer local anesthetic and laughing gas to keep you comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure. Dr. Goodman can walk you through the steps as she cleans out the infected pulp and replaces it with a dental filler to restore it to full functionality. For molar teeth, she may refer you to another specialist.

Schedule an examination of your root canals with us today. We can discuss any concerns you might have.

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