Emergency Dentistry

When it comes to a severe dental problem, timely treatment is crucial. A tooth can often be repaired and restored to its full functionality by a dental professional if the damage is assessed and treated quickly.


At Denton Lifetime Dentistry, your health and comfort is our priority. We understand how suddenly a toothache can come on and make it impossible for you to focus on anything else. Dr. Goodman and our team are available to treat your dental emergencies as soon as possible, so give us a call right away at any time.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Dental problems that require immediate treatment include:

  • Teeth that have been knocked out or have fallen out.
  • Teeth that are very loose.
  • Teeth that are painfully hitting or puncturing other teeth, gums, or parts of your mouth.
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.
  • Infections or abscesses in or around your teeth.
  • Tears, punctures, cuts, or other wounds in your mouth.

Even if you are not sure if your toothache is an emergency, call us immediately and explain your symptoms.

When Should You Call?

Many patients with dental emergencies believe they can wait another day or two because their discomfort is tolerable or their symptoms do not appear to be that bad. However, delaying treatment can result in more serious complications and may require more extensive and invasive dental work. A small ache can radiate into other parts of your mouth if ignored for too long. An infection can travel deep into your jaw or even down your neck and may need surgical treatment.

Do not hesitate to call us if you are experiencing any of the dental emergencies described above. Timely dental care may be essential for saving your teeth, mouth, or even your life.

Same-Day Appointments

Our compassionate and attentive dental care includes making availability for dental emergencies. Call us immediately, and we will schedule you to come in as soon as possible. You may also leave a message with Dr. Goodman if your emergency occurs after hours, and she will get in touch with you.

Great Smiles Start Here

Let Denton Lifetime Dentistry give you a new reason to smile! Dr. Goodman is excited to help you attain confidence in your appearance and can discuss all your questions and concerns during a consultation. Call us to schedule an appointment today.